Friday, October 31, 2008


My sister Nancy came down for a visit. I made her sit on a curb in the shade of her car just before she left.

"On the curb?" she queried.

"Your eyes will look fab, trust me ;o)"


Here is the table she brought me. I do love it.

And I have decided why I love it. It is warm and inviting. It is comfortable to sit at and is perfect to doing puzzles.
You can schooch your bottoms real close on slippery benches.

Thank you so much, Nancy!


We ate at a Thai restaurant and then shopped around town.

I wanted Nancy to see The Century House in Madison.
She loved it!

And bought me a very cool, soft scarf for my birthday.

It is pleated fleece. Pleece, I think.


She also bought Katie an advent calendar with chocolates in it!
We are all set for Christmas!

Then we went to Target :o)

She doesn't have a Target in her area.

We walked around and gathered this and that...I grabbed some feetie jammies for
Katie and then Nancy paid for them.

She is like that. It's like shopping with Aunt Dorothy.

I highly recommend it.

Southern Wisconsin showed Nancy her best in fall weather yesterday and every time we stepped out side we were greeted with a warm fall breeze and bright colors.

It was one fine afternoon. My heart is full.


Friday Five

1. Did you carve your pumpkin yet?
2. What decade would you like to represent in costume?
3. Favorite coffee?
4. Have you ever worn a wig or had extensions?
5. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Do you know how banks used to have give-aways?

China, Silverware....Wigs?

Do you remember that?

Well, I will never forget it!

Back in the 70's our grandpa gave money to each of his daughter in law's. (It may have been in his will)

And so...when our mother took her money into the bank she got in on the 'wigs for savings plan.'

She came home from the bank with about 13 wigs.

All different colors and styles!!!

I can remember her at a party changing her wigs throughout the night and just having a blast with the whole thing.

It was like living with Lucy, I tell ya!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Have fun, be safe, and make some new memories!

Encourage one another,

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