Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A morning at the zoo and a sneak peek!



Oopsie Daisy!


This little guy was on the move for two and a half hours! His mommy was very smart and brought along snacks and we took three breaks.



I was totally delighted to see that polar bear in the background!!!

How cool is that?



Beautiful family on a perfect fall morning.

Temps were in the 50's but we were all on the go-go-go so we were all quite cozy.

What a great session! I'm so happy I have so many fun images to choose from!!!


A few of you asked if my fingers were cold. Nope. Not a bit.

I'm glad you had fun with the Mr. Darcy question.
Thanks Rechelle.

Mr. Darcy is always a very pleasant diversion.

Thanks for hanging out and enjoying the comments,
even when I'm preoccupied!

Love you guys!

Encourage one another,

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