Friday, October 03, 2008

Five on Friday

A different sort.

1. In Citizen Kane, the main character’s last word before dying is “Rosebud,” which is discovered later to be the name of a favorite childhood sled. The idea is that this rich, powerful, hated man, in his last moment, finds himself thinking of happy, innocent times. If the film were about your life, what word might you utter in similar sentiment?

2. In Groundhog Day, the main character is forced to live the same day again and again until he has learned to love others and to love himself. If you found yourself in an endless loop, living one day repeatedly until you learned the lesson that was holding you back, what would that lesson be?

3. In Freaky Friday, a mother and daughter who have difficulty understanding each other find themselves each living the other’s life (occupying the other’s body and everything!). If this were to happen to you for similar reasons, whose body would you wake up in?

4. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones has to jump into an underground room filmed with the one thing that freaks him out: snakes. “Why did it have to be snakes?” he asks. If the movie were about you, what would you see in the underground room?

5. In Parenthood, a main character explains to her husband that she loves the ups and downs of family life,
she finds it exhilarating and says "I happen to love the roller coaster." Do you love the roller coaster or would you rather be on the merry go round?

Most of these questions are from



Saturday Night for the whole group.

garlic bread
Italian Restaurant Salad

Ree's Chocolate Pie
Red Cake or Carrot Cake

Sunday Lunch

Not sure yet.
Possibly Ree's Chicken Spaghetti

Sunday for after the game

Italian Beef



Are you sure there isn't a market for a book with just pictures of Katie in it?

Cause I could do that.

Happy Friday!

Good luck with those long questions :o)
The answers don't have to be THAT long.

Off to watch Regis and Kelly and clean and shop!!!

Encourage one another,

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