Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dancing with the Exhibitionists

How I loved the dancing last night.
How I loved the music last night.

How I cringed at the women's outfits.

I think the producers need to hear from the families out here who are
blushing and covering their children's eyes.

Why do people have to push things farther and farther and farther?

The outfits finally shocked me last night.

It really isn't necessary to wear a bikini...
seriously, the dances are wonderful.
Put on some clothes.


I am out the door in ten minutes....

Yesterday I was watching Entertainment Tonight and Oprah was
walking along with a movie guy Tyler Perry. They were walking in front of a huge mansion.
Huge. 60 million dollar huge.

And Oprah says to Tyler,

"Everyone should live in the house of their dreams."

Isn't that the kind of thinking that got this country in it's gigantic financial mess.
All of those people taking out loans for their dream homes???

The homes that were ten times more than what they could afford.

But according to Oprah.

They should have done that because they deserve to have their dream home.

My goodness. That makes me mad.

Seriously stupid.


But still.....encourage one another,

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