Thursday, October 29, 2009


Go get your sunglasses.

You are about to see the brightest shade of red you have ever seen.

Got em?


Pippi setting off to her school's Halloween dance.

Super fun!


Seriously, my light sensor did not know what to do with that red.

This morning I fiddled with the ISO and put it on 1250.

Look how nice.


It is so dim in the house right now, but being able to raise the ISO works wonders.
I am so loving my D700.


Check out Katie's twin. Angelina.


Edited with MCP Newsprint action


And Sesame Ellis BW action.

Katie is off for the weekend and I have her sweet face here all day.
I love when she is home.

Maybe we will go out to lunch.

That sounds wonderful.

She will want to go to Chins.


"Yeah" "Alright" "Double Yeah."

I just read this post to Katie :o)

I think she likes the idea.

Encourage one another,

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