Thursday, October 15, 2009

oscar is two


I think two year olds are wonderful.
I remember thinking that with my children.
The old terrible two's comment just didn't fit.

Two year olds spring to life. They stop screaming and learn to use words.
It's brilliant.

And they love to be on the go.

Run. Run. Run.

(I chose a park with a hearty stream running thru it, it was a good thing both of his parents came along to make sure he didn't take the plunge.)

Two year olds practice new stuff all day long.

I love that about them.

Oscar ran and practiced his words for the whole session.


He chose the locations for the shoot :o)
So there were a lot of full sun shots.


He is especially fond of his parent's musical ability!

It must be great to be two :o)



We do not have a lot of these bright orange trees. I LOVE the really bright trees. I'd say 90 % of the trees around here turn yellow and then fall. We do not have a big show of color like up north.

I usually wiz past this little row at about 50 mph.

Yesterday I stopped.

I had my 50mm lens on the camera.


Katie was there.


Sometimes she is not in the mood to model and she runs and spins and hides.


But that is good practice for me.


"Do something with your hands Katie!!!"

Thank you sweetie.
That was fun.

Wasn't it?


Here is a closeup of the row of firey trees once I worked some photoshop-watercolor magic on them.

The watercolor doesn't always work well with portraits, but I sure love it on landscapes.

I heart orange.

Did I ever tell you about my down jacket...that was orange?
How I hated the color then.

Time heals all wounds.

Or not.

Encourage one another,

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