Saturday, October 03, 2009


A turn of the heel....

It took some time...but I finally left the land of knit three, purl one.

For such a little girl, Katie sure has LONG shins.

Katie longstockings.

For sure.

I was starting to worry that I would run out of yarn...but that ball looks plenty big.

I think. I hope.


I whipped up a delicious seven layer salad for dinner last night.
Remember when seven layer salad was the hip thing on every banquet table?
I do.

I saw some in the grocery store yesterday and I thought...I can make that and I can make that real good.

I do not put green peppers on mine. Green peppers give me a tummy ache.

I fried enough bacon so I can make potato soup is best with a little bacon and cheese.

Yesterday it was homemade chicken soup. Today....potato soup...tomorrow Ree's tomato soup.

This has been a really soupy week.

Low fifties and cloudy equal soup on the brain.

And I layer salad.



Photo NOT taken by me.

This girls head is larger than her hips.

This is so distorted in so many ways....
I really don't think this girl looks like this in real life...

It's bad photography/photoshop sending a bad message.

What do you think?

(I looked at other Ralph Lauren adds before posting this one... all the other ones I saw were very normal.
This poor girl looks like a lollipop.)

Encourage one another,

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