Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I found the best towels in the Kohl's.

I stopped going to Kohl's when they sold me a carpet cleaner that didn't work past the first cleaning.

But last month we were looking for something, oh yes, it was a Packer jersey for Katie, so we tried Kohl's one more time.

I wandered past the towels and had a look.
Everything was on sale, and that is always a great thing.

I wanted some light pink towels to go in our newly painted grey bathroom.

And there they were. The loveliest shade of pink.

Laura Ashley Lifestyle Microcotton towels.


A generous, soft, bath towel. Only 7.99.
That's a bargain.

So I came home and washed them and we have been using them and I think they are just perfection!
Soft, absorbent, very pretty and inexpensive.

Score one for Kohl's and their wonderful Laura Ashley towels.


(p.s. We received a 15% coupon and went back and got more towels. woo.)


I am not the best when it comes to decorating for holidays.
In fact, Katie usually decorates the house.

She goes upstairs to the closet where the decorations reside and she brings them downstairs and puts the around.

Here is what I have for Halloween.

Cross Stitch stitched by me. A long time ago.
And a cute little cat made for me by my friend Roxanne. I miss her.


Muffy, of course.


A colorful tin and a basket.

That's it folks.....

Except these.

I am the best mother in the world because I buy Katie stick ons from the grocery store.


At least that's what I think :o)

Katie is dressing up as Pippi Longstocking this year.

What are your children dressing up as for trick or treat?

Encourage one another,

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