Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I made this one a watercolor. If you can, click on it and go look at it very large on flickr. The colors and details are amazing.

Every morning I leave the house with not a minute, no a second, to spare. And as soon as I head east, which is right away, I wish I had left ten minutes earlier so I could stop to take pictures.

The fog that has been lingering and the sun just coming up is a real treat.

So I started shooting pictures while I was driving.

My arm was straight out to my right as I shot thru the grimy passenger window.

Then I changed the mode to aperture (3.2) and handed the camera to Katie in the back seat.

She captured the next two pictures.

Katie shoots from the back seat

On the way to school...

Taking pictures in the morning puts me in a sweet frame of mind for the whole day.
It sets my heart to thankfulness.

Thank you Lord, for this beautiful world you have given us...

Then just after lunch Nancy and her girls came over to look at ALL of Melika's pictures.
Melika really did rock her senior session and I wanted her to see all the fun out takes and help choose from the too many

We had such fun laughing and going thru the pictures. This is a very unusual practice but I knew it would work with the Willoughby's.

And they brought the most wonderful warm ginger snaps.

I can be bought.


Remember yesterday how I was pleading for nice weather?
Well. I had a reason. There is a client I have been trying to fit in around the dark clouds and rain drops....
We were suppose to shoot yesterday afternoon....but in the morning we decided to postpone to Wednesday because the weatherman said Monday would be rainy.

Well. He was wrong and the sun was shining at 2:30.
And who knew if the sun would shine again...ever.

So I brought my camera with me to school to pick up Katie and hoped to see Amy.

There she was in the parking lot. I walked over to her and said, "Want to have that session right now?"

And so we did.

Little Maria is enchanting and highly spirited with the best hair in the world and spectacular eyes....
but she has a special cheesy smile.

My goal was to avoid the cheesy smile.





The light in the house was lovely but Maria had just about had it by this time...
We begged and pleaded and I was able to get one picture with this very pretty light.


I'm obsessed with curls.


You know me....I love the unusual shots as well as the clear, bright eyed captures.


Maria's beautiful big sisters!
They had no problem at all looking natural and at ease!

So much fun!

I could do this everyday and not get tired of it!

Watching the Packers play the Queens....that I can get tired of and did by half time.
Too stressful for me.

I watched Rachel Zoe in Paris going to the Chanel show on the Bravo channel.

That was more like it.


Works for me.

A few words of wisdom...movie style.

“For what it’s worth, it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be.”
Benj Buttons

“If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don’t mind being completely insane.”
Revolutionary Road

(that is a great quote from what I thought was an awful movie)

Encourage one another,

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