Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am sleepy.

This is odd for me. I usually have lots of energy.

So this light-headed feeling is making me worry.

And I have diagnosed my problem.
(The nurses don't seem to have any concern over it.)
So, yes, I diagnosed myself.

My body is trying to recover. And I am anemic.

I think that must be it.

"Do you have Iron Poor Blood?"

Why? Yes. I do.

Get me so Geritol. Quick.

I remember this feeling after my other surgeries.

I guess I was just feeling so fantastic on Wednesday, this drop in energy has taken me by surprise.

So I have started taking my iron and going to bed early and trying to be patient with myself.

And today I will remember to count my blessings.
I have so many.

Feeling unwell takes me to depression rather I will instead catch myself before I fall and
count my blessings.

I have family that has taken such good and loving care of me.
Friends who bring wonderful, nutritious meals.
Yarn to knit and books to read.
A warm home and Tivo.

I feel loved and light-headed.

Not really so bad :o)

Here are some fun out takes from this week and last....


Oscar loved the wheels on my car.


These curls make me happy.


Cute candid.


Watch out!



I think I will make the out takes a weekly feature. They are some of my favorites :o)

Happy weekend to one and all.

Stay warm, stay well!

You are loved!

Encourage one another,

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