Friday, October 30, 2009

"Will you tell me about my grandparents?" she asked with a tear in her eye.

"I have told you many things about my parents," I said.

"Like what?" she urged.

"Well....Let's see. My dad was very funny. He was a big tease.
Remember what I told you about the toll booth?"


"My dad said that the toll booth was a popcorn machine. When you threw you money in,
you would get popcorn. But he never waited for the popcorn.
This would make us all scream."

"He also said when we passed by cows, "Look at all of the alligators."
"He loved dancing and music and sports. And he loved his family.
We taught him to do a front flip into the pool."

"Did he learn it?" she wondered.

"Not very well. I think he landed on his back. But he tried very hard. He was not very old."

"And my mom. She was funny, too. Like Aunt Cindy is funny."

"Oh!!!" exclaimed Katie with a smile.


"She drove us to school every day. She loved us very much. She would have loved you very much. You remind me of her, I was just thinking that today when I was looking at your pictures. You are a little Esther in my eyes."

She started to tear up.

"I am sorry you don't have grandparents," I told her.

"They would have just loved you. Maybe you will see the someday in heaven."

Then we hugged and I kissed her sweet head and she went to ask her daddy about his parents.

I forgot to tell her how much my mother liked to dress up for Halloween and how she liked to tap dance at parties.

Now that I think about it, perhaps the fact that Katie wore Kitty cat ears all day is what made me think of my mother.

When we came up to bed and went to kiss her goodnight last night,
she was still wearing the cat ears.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love that child?



Encourage one another,

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