Monday, October 12, 2009


Katie and Carrie on Saturday.

Look! The girls hit the jackpot when they found some Dr. Seuss intercom playground equipment that actually worked.
We always try to talk into them when we go to parks around town,
but they never have worked before.


That center picture of Carrie and Katie is so them.

Katie is hugging Carrie and Carrie is cringing.

But they get beyond this little difference in personality.

Carrie puts up with a quick hug.
And Katie is not easily offended.

Actually nothing stops her.

She's a hugger.

Hugging is fine. Mugging is not.

There. I just made up a new slogan.

Katie is on the right track...but this might be a fun reminder slogan :o)


I can not tell you how disappointed I am that Zev and Justin are out of The Amazing Race.
What a huge let down. They were my favorite team and the show will not be the same without them.

The Amazing Race 15

Shared via AddThis

The above link goes to a video of Zev and Justin figuring out what happened to their passport.

Perhaps they will come back to try again....there were really the most delightful team out there this season!

I have never been to the elimination station on The Amazing Race website before. Wow. That is cool to see the behind the scenes. I'm going to have to check. I wonder if everyone stays together the whole time until the end of the race?


My week is full of plans to do new things.

New doctors.
New friends.
New clients.
New challenges.

Who knows, maybe even a new haircut.

What's new with you?

Encourage one another,

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