Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is the real Katie.

Smiling, moving, mouth going....

I just love her to pieces.

She wants her haircut, too. It has been starting to matt.
I made her an appointment yesterday when I left the salon with a young friend of Emma's who works there.

This young friend is the girl we saw that had the adorable hair cut.
We asked her who did it and she said someone at her salon.

Now. The best thing to do is go to the same person who did the great haircut, right?

But. I felt too awkward. I felt bad that I wouldn't be giving K. the business as she is just starting out and I felt bad because i have gong to the same salon for a long time.

Oh the drama of it all.

But that haircut we saw was just so nice.

And so...

Patrick knew I was way to conflicted to ever act upon it.
And so he did.
He called the salon and asked who cut K's hair.
Set the whole thing up.

He was not worried about hurting any one's feelings.

He is a man.

He is all business.

He made an executive decision.

I am so glad he is the man and that he is so thoughtful.
I still have some guilt about the whole thing but I am really happy with the result.
So whatchagonnado?

Katie's appointment is at 10:00....I better eat and get ready.

Thank you all for your wonderful, encouraging words.

I'm glad you think I look younger. That's real nice.

I think I look more put together.
Not so ragged.

I like that.

Happy weekend!

Emma is coming home.
Katie is celebrating her first communion.
She is so excited!!!

Lots going on!

Encourage one another,

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