Saturday, October 31, 2009


Katie and Carrie ran and played in the woods all afternoon.

It was the most blustery afternoon. My favorite kind of blustery....60 degrees and blustery.

Hair whipping and wheat wildly flinging itself around...something about it stirs my soul.

I am just a wild spirit at heart. That's it.

You can stop laughing now.


The Packers play the Vikings tomorrow. I was all set to go to the game with Patrick when Matthew decided he would make the trek from Omaha and go with his dad. I am happy to give up my spot to Matthew for this game. I know it is the game of the century, but to be honest I don't think I could have taken seeing Brett Favre in that stupid purple jersey. I couldn't take the boos and the cheers and the Viking fans. I'm still too upset that he is playing for the Vikings. I am too upset that they are playing so well. I just don't want to watch it, in person.

Matthew still loves and respects Brett. He should go to the game. He just better not cheer for the Vikings. That would not go over well with his dad.

So here is the fun part, Katie is going home with Carrie this afternoon and getting trick or treat and sleep over at her house.
She has not had anyone to trick or treat with since Carrie moved away. I hear Appleton is the land of milk and honey and candy...

Patrick and Matthew will pick Katie up on the way home after the game.

I sure hope they are in a really, really good mood.

It's a long ride home when the Packers lose.

We don't have a lot of glitz in Green Bay.
Just this dorky cheer.

Go Pack Go!

Have a wonderful, blustery, winning weekend!!!

Can't wait to see our Matthew!

Encourage one another,

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