Saturday, May 05, 2007

The concert was darling.
The children sang loudly and clearly and right on key!
They were adorable.


Katie goofed off and hammed it up for someone in the second row.
I couldn't see who it was.
But Katie saw someone that made her want to dance a little jig.
And make faces.

So in the middle of singing a precious little song about being a 'promise' and having 'possibility'...

Katie was moving her arms around like Popeye!

And when I could finally catch her eye.
And scowl at her.

She would shrug her shoulders and make her hands like, "What?"

Emma kept looking at me and saying,
"What is she doing?"

Darned, if I knew.

Then Katie stood at the microphone to recite her lines...
and with just one little giggle in the wrong place...
she finished beautifully...

And went back to her spot...
to continue singing...
and mugging...
and shrugging
and doing that strange Popeye dance.

Why? oh why?

I was so embarrassed.

Oh, wasn't she cute came the comments.

Isn't she nutty. I think. And blush.

And guess what she was doing...
she was, indeed mugging for someone in the second row.

A boy.

A funny little boy that she plays with every so often at her friend's house.

Why didn't I think to tell her to pay attention to only the choir director.
Why didn't I tell her not to flirt with boys in the second row.


Heaven help me.

This one.

Oh. My.


Encourage one another,

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