Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't forget to vote for Joey tonight!!!!

Waitin' on their world to change....

On Saturday, I drove down the road, with Katie to buy some plants to fill my pink bucket.
Katie didn't want to come, because it sounded like a really boring errand.
But, she's was lonely and I wanted her to get out of the house anyway...
and I was buying my mother's day gift for myself and needed a child to come along to legitimize the purchase :o)

A woman down the street from us sells plants from her yard. She has a wonderful choice and most of what she has is from her garden. She is always out there, puttering away. She is not like a sweet genteel garden lady tho. She is one of those rough, salty-tongued, grandmotherly types. In fact, she had a visiting grandson working in her yard who was blaring rap of some sort, but, he turned it down as soon as she asked him to. He was a good boy.

So I started gathering my plants and the Gardenlady tells me what goes best, where.
(I love this about her. I need the garden guidance)

And Katie spots a kitty. Which is always a treat.
And hears some puppies barking. And she asks if she can see them.
And the nice grandson, brings out two five week old King Charles Spaniels.
So tiny.
Not cute enough to make my heart start yearning.
Which is good. I'm content with my camera.

I asked Gardenlady where to buy potting soil and she tells me to go and get the free compost at the city dump.

Another good tip.
'cept it's closed until Monday.

So today I will search for the free compost.
And tomorrow I will show you my potted masterpiece.


Both of the boys called to wish me a Happy Mother's day.
That was so nice.
And each of the girls got me a card.
Katie chose a violet for me at the Gardenlady's.

I thought Emma forgot about it,
So her card was a nice surprise.
And she wrote really nice things to make me tear up.

Do you go thru the mind games before your birthday and mother's day?

'No one will remember. I'm not going to tell them. I'll see if they remember on their own. Maybe I should say something so I get something I want...
Naw. Maybe I will just go and buy myself some plants.'

I'm so immature.

Do you remember saying,

You're so immature?
You're so queer?

What expressions did you utter in high school that you haven't said...since high school?

I feel like I have just written the most boring blog entry in three years.
The highlight is going to get compost.

Let's have fun in the comments, anyway ;o)
I'm depending on you.

Encourage one another,

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