Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yesterday I cooked

26 pounds of ground chuck
12 cups of chicken

And, yes, I stood on a chair to take this picture.

Sometimes I'm a little nutty.


I also shopped at Aldi's and Target for a few things.

Target had Coke on sale. $2.75 a twelve pack. I bought four.
(I bought one pack of Cherry Coke with a very special helper in mind :o)

(We now have 168 cans of pop and 72 bottles of water waiting in the garage for the par-tay.)

Then I went to Aldi's.

My cooking friend, Amy, advised me to buy chicken breasts and salsa at Aldi's.
So I did.

As I was leaving the store I remember that I needed 25 packages of taco seasoning for the walking tacos. I had planned on getting these at Miller's for about $1.00 each.

Not a big deal when you are buying one.



So, we walked back into Aldi's to see if they had taco seasoning and how much it cost.

I was thrilled (yes, I was really thrilled) to find it at Aldi's.
And it only cost twenty-nine cents.

$7.25 instead of $25.00.


I was so excited by this deal that I enthusiastically related the whole tale to Anita and Byron and Patrick as we stood on the driveway chatting. (They stopped by with a perfect table and chairs for the party)

"$7.25 instead of $25.00!" I say with glee!

My husband looks at Byron as says, "We can retire now."

Funny guy.

Ah. The ordinary life.
It sure is fun.


Happy Birthday Patrick Jr.
We love you.
Have fun in Chicago and we will see you and Shelby tomorrow!
Stay out of each and every ditch!

Encourage one another,

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