Saturday, May 26, 2007

Emma is working on her poster which will be set up at the graduation reception next Saturday.

She is sprouting her wings.

Katie is sprouting little baby wings, too.

She can make her own breakfast now and her own jelly sandwiches.
The milk pouring is still tricky. I still help with that :o)

She gets herself ready for the day (but forgets to brush her hair and teeth, still) and goes outside to ride her bike.
All alone.

This makes me very happy to see!

We don't have children for her to play with in our neighborhood.
And she needs to learn to have fun on her own.

This came easily for Emma.
Not so easily for Katie Gracie.

But there she was,
riding up and down,
riding with one hand,
riding all alone.

(Until I came out to check on her)


Yay for Katie.

(She did fall off at one point and came in the house all teary.
I washed her knee with cool water and she found the band-aids)

Isn't it interesting; we encourage and look on with joy as our little ones take steps toward independence.
Yet, these are the very same steps that take they away from us.
It's an important job, we parents have.
A job that takes all the heart and faith and effort we can muster.
I love my job.

Whenever I held my newborn baby in my arms, I used to think that what I said and did to him could have an influence not only on him but on all whom he met, not only for a day or a month or a year, but for all eternity - a very challenging and exciting thought for a mother.
~Rose Kennedy


See Maggie the cat in the first picture?
She only comes out to be with Emma.

But she waddled into the family room and knew right where to sit while Emma was working.

Right where to sit.

What a cat!

Hey! Have a great holiday weekend!
Have fun and stay safe on the roads :o)

Encourage one another,

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