Thursday, May 10, 2007

There is nothing as delightful as a summer day
in May.

Look at that.
My camera can take black and white photos :o)
I pretty much knew it was possible...
but just hadn't taken the time to figure it out.

I fiddled with the 'photoshop' a little bit too.
I upped the contrast and sharpness.

I also found a setting to use in florescent lighting (which would have been just the ticket for the Monday recital) and a setting to use in direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight is very harsh and washes away the color from skin tones.
And if you stand someone under a tree...they get big blotchy shadows all over their faces.

I tried the direct sunlight setting here.
As you can see I made Katie face directly toward the sun.
It was noon.

I think it worked.

And if you don't think it was murder for this child to pose like that...

Here she is in a more natural state of being :o)

My camera is a mini computer (without the keyboard) but I will learn to use it.
I will.
I will.


So long to Lakisha.
See you on Broadway, dear one.

I was sad to see her quiet lack of confidence.
I love her.

How about that medley of BeeGee's songs?
Very nice!

And Barry's hair.
Not as bad as the Trump's.

And by the way.
I have decided.

Jordin is the winner.
Hands down.
No doubt.

Janice and Janet you must go see Jordin when she comes back to Glendale this upcoming week!!!!
Each contestant has hometown visits!
Please go and tell us all about it.
Janet, she might even come to your school!
She might even come to your house for a swim.....



That's how the day goes around here...
Almost summer.
School's nearly done.

Katie has only math to complete each day.

Emma is reading Bird by Bird for English, Fahrenheit 451 for great books and QB VII for history. She has completed Art History but continues to work thru Physics.

I am working on Graduation stuff for Emma, and wedding stuff for Matthew and Melinda, and a photo album for Emma, and Friday night is Emma's final choir concert, and prom is next weekend (I get to be a chaperon) and we have a college graduation to attend this Sunday....
and well...a couple of other things that I can't quite remember right now....

This time of year gets crazy for everyone, doesn't it?

I just feel so grateful for all of it.

I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.
Psalms 69:30

Encourage one another,



desaturated and sharpened up
Thanks Crissy!!!

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