Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guess who's going to the Prom on Friday night?



And well...Emma too.

But she goes to these things all the time.

I haven't been to a prom since 1975.

And going as a chaperone is going to be just perfect for me.

I won't be getting dressed up.
I will try to look respectable and not too frumpy...
I will wash and curl my hair and put on mascara and lip stick of some sort.

But there is no paging thru Teen Vogue for me, looking for just the right hair-do...or jewelery....or shoes....

This is my kind of gig.

I'm delighted be a little fly on the Prom wall this year.
I will take pictures. I hope that's allowed :o)

Emma is going this year, for the first time, with. a. boy.

He is a very nice boy named Jon.

They have been friends for a long time. And both of them thought it would be fun to have a 'date' for prom. They have a blast together! ( people say THAT word anymore?)

Emma's look is hippie chic.
Think Kate Hudson.

We bought her dress in Paris.

Tra la.

For my senior prom I went to downtown Chicago and bought the most glorious chiffon, flowery dress. It was so pretty and I loved it very much.
My date.
Not so much.

In fact, I have loads of pictures of me hamming it up in that gorgeous dress (it cost $80 at Bonwitt Teller) but not one picture of the boy.

he he....

What a teen ego maniac.

It's odd.

Teens either adore themselves or they despise themselves.

Isn't that interesting?

I pretty much adored myself.

Ha. I just made myself laugh.

Not really, all the way.
I was self conscious and was always longing for the boys that were not interested in me....

But I was basically a happy girl.

I grew up in such a nice a nice town...
We didn't have any of the pressures you hear about.
Hotel rooms, booze, ...and you know what.

I was lucky.

So is Emma, to be honest.
She gets to enjoy an innocent, old fashioned prom.
The senior (homeschoolers) have worked for months putting it together.
Music and menu and decorations and all...

How about you.
Did you go to your prom?
Did you have fun?
Did you look amazing? :o)

If I find a photo of myself...I will post it.
It will take a bit of digging.

'think, think, think...'

Sue and me.
Sue's Senior Prom.
Isn't Sue's dress darling?
I'm wearing a hand me down from Nancy.
I liked it.'s low cut.
I didn't notice back then.
But I spent a lot of time in bikinis back then...
so this was probably modest in my eyes!

If you find a prom photo...why not post it.
It's that time of year.

And in the sage words of Bill and Ted,

Be excellent to each other. And... PARTY ON, DUDES!

Encourage one another,

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