Saturday, May 12, 2007

Her skin may not always look that creamy,
but those eyes, those eyes,
they are dreamy.

My serene Miss Emma.

As she got ready for the concert last night, she pulled her hair back and brushed on some mascara...and she looked so pretty.
So I made her stand in the window to cast some light on her loveliness...
And this is how she looked.

Moments before a concert...
when she will sing a solo...

We are not the same, my Emma and me, we are so very different.
I would be fluttering like a butterfly, and chattering like a squirrel.

But Emma is filled with calm.

And ya know, the most important thing to me, as a mother, is knowing my children love the Lord.

And the serenity in our girl's face is really what is on the inside.

A quiet and gentle spirit.
A spirit that is confident that God loves her and that He is in control.

What greater gift could I ever ask for on Mother's day?

May your gifts be as sweet.


George Macdonald (1824–1905)

WHERE did you come from, baby dear?
Out of the everywhere into the here.

Where did you get those eyes so blue?
Out of the sky as I came through.

What makes the light in them sparkle and spin?
Some of the starry spikes left in.

Where did you get that little tear?
I found it waiting when I got here.

What makes your forehead so smooth and high?
A soft hand strok’d it as I went by.

What makes your cheek like a warm white rose?
I saw something better than any one knows.

Whence that three-corner’d smile of bliss?
Three angels gave me at once a kiss.

Where did you get this pearly ear?
God spoke, and it came out to hear.

Where did you get those arms and hands?
Love made itself into bonds and bands.

Feet, whence did you come, you darling things?
From the same box as the cherubs’ wings.

How did they all just come to be you?
God thought about me, and so I grew.

But how did you come to us, you dear?
God thought about you, and so I am here.

My heart if filled with gratefulness.

Encourage one another,

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