Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let's see now...what can we talk about today?


And the winner is....

Jordin Sparks.

Good. For. Her.

Blakey was gracious and knew it was coming, didn't he?
I hated his bebop singing so badly last night, I had to change the channel.
It was actually the worst thing on the show.
Right next to Kelly Clarkson's song....and Sanjaya's song. (and I like him)

But, when the 6 boys sang and the six girls sang...well, that was fab!

I was delighted to see Bette Midler on stage.

Yay!!! Don't you love her?

And I thought the Beatle medley was awful.

So that's it for this year. I watched more than usual this season.
And I think that's because of the talent of Lakisha and Melinda, and you all egging me on. :o)

During the show (the long, long, long show) I took photos of Katie.

The light was calling me.

And so was the wind.

Then I fiddled with my 'photoshop'.

'Hey look, Katie, you have purple eyes!'

And the proof...

That she's a real live relatively normal seven year old.

Look! Her teeth (first pic) are almost all grown in.
They are some big teeth.
Hope the others fit!


So now I have one week.

One week until crunch time. (that's for Matthew even tho he doesn't read this blog...Melinda, tell Matthew I said crunch time, it will make him smile)

Emma graduates next Saturday.
Friday night is set up.
Saturday night we (ha ha) are having a graduation party for Emma.

A big graduation party.

Over a hundred people graduation party.

I am not officially freaking out yet.
But it's a comin'.

Patrick did not want a party.
Matthew was graduated up north and Patty gave the party.
(I helped a little)

Emma wants a party. And I am really happy to do this.
But scared.

The largest gathering I have hosted in my life was about 18.

So I am...

1. planning the menu
2. borrowing Nesco's
3. Borrowing tables
4. buying plates and napkins
5. ordering a cake
6. ordering deviled eggs (I am not making these)
7. cleaning
8. painting
9. scrapbooking
10. shopping for food
11. starting to freak out!
12. changing sheets
13. cleaning

Gale/Thelma/Lynn has offered to come and help me.
Thank heavens.
Cause I wouldn't have asked.
I'm just really glad to have help.

really, really, really, really....

Matthew and Melinda and Patrick and Shelby are coming home.
I will squeeze the girls into Katie's room.
One of them can sleep on the aerobed.
(I need more twin sheets.)
The boys will sleep in the basement.

Like I said....Crunch Time

Any words of advice?

Words to calm my frenetic soul?


Encourage one another,

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