Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Before I forget...

My newest daughter is blogging.

And she is on a roll. Her blog is young and colorful and insightful and fun.

Check it out!

Put on Love

Wait till you see her Coldplay pictures!!!


Tara Whitney is at it again with another "home video".
This video uses James Taylor's "Secret of Life" song, from his JT album. That was my favorite album
when I was at Hillsdale. I love that album and especially that song. Oh. James. Your voice is so sweet.

My other favorite album when I was at Hillsdale was Earth, Wind and Fire.

Love them too!

Tara Whitney:Home movies that Rock


A few weeks ago I shot my first wedding.

Well, not exactly.

But, it's about as wedding as I am ever going to get.

People aways ask if I shoot weddings and I always say no.

I don't have the equipment or the interest to learn to shoot indoors.
It is a whole nuther ball o' wax.

If you have a wedding outside and a reception outside. I will think about it.
So there you go.
But I will probably still say...it's too scary.

Anyway. Back to Ryan and Theresa.

They were married on the sly :o)
Then they gathered their friends and family for a big wonderful party!

I came to photograph them right before the party started.

Ryan was so handsome and happy. Theresa was stunning and so.....Audrey Hepburn!






They were such a delight to photograph!


Encourage one another,

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