Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Occupying Katie


1. Own a surley cat.

The one where Katie wears her lunch on her face.

2. Allow her to prepare her own lunch of canned Ravioli.


3. Let her participate in the photoshoots.


4. Play Pick Up Sticks.


5. Annoy her. (Go!!!!)


6. Eat Sweet Peas.


7. I mean...play with peas.


8. Be




Sunday morning we went to see UP.


We loved it.

Emma, Katie and I cried three times. It has a very touching storyline.
I won't spoil it. I want you all to be as surprised as I was.

If your town has early viewing times, I highly recommend it.
Our tickets were only five dollars each. That is a great savings!

(pictures from Google Images)

Our weather forecast is for below 70 and rainy all week. So we will be doing a lot of inside things.
I don't think I will buy a big summer swim pass this year.

Can you imagine a summer when it doesn't warm up to 80 all summer?

Well. I can. It has happened. More than once. And we are on target for that this summer already.

I hope to be proven very wrong. ASAP.

Happy Tuesday!

Encourage one another,

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