Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time to make the donuts.


Patrick is baking cookies that will be given away as a "parting gift" to all the wedding guests at our nieces' wedding on Saturday.

His brother, Joe, shopped for the ingredients and procured a large kitchen in which to work.

Yesterday evening we all assisted Patrick as he made the dough. (It needed to be refrigerated over night.)


It took a while to figure out how this Hobart worked.

I guess the cage is for safety. It just got in Patrick's way.

"We don't need no stinkin' cage."


It was just like old times. But not. There was no chocolate milk.

Both of our boys worked for their dad at the bakery when they were little.


This afternoon, the cookies will be baked and iced.
Friday morning they will be packaged.

Oh! We hope they turn out!

More pictures to follow....and I will see if I can get permission to include the baker and his brother in these posts.



I did get some relaxed photos of Patrick yesterday afternoon.
I like this one. His eyes were very sensitive to the sun. I'll have to try some nice back lit shots of him when we get some pretty evening light.


He has always been comfortable in front of the camera and had such an easy smile!



79 degrees


Encourage one another,

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