Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Part of the Fat Flush regime is drinking something called the Long Life Cocktail twice a day.
This consists of 8 oz. cranwater and some psyllium powder.

I say 'some' because for over a week I have been adding 1 rounded Tablespoon of psyllium to my cranwater.
This is awful and terrible and I drink it with my nose plugged.

Just last night, I read the side of the package. It said to consume two teaspoons a day.
I dashed to the family room to look up in the book what dosage I was to be taking with my Long life Cocktail.


I was suppose to be using teaspoons.

Goodness gracious.

Let me just say.

No wonder.

Nuff' said.






I said, 'hold your feet'.

I meant ankles....or shins....


Sometimes on a cloudy day, looking up is the best place to find the light.



She cracks herself UP.

She cracks herself UP.

Hope you have a few giggles today!

Encourage one another,

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