Saturday, June 27, 2009


Iced cut outs. That's what we always called these.
Four hundred and eighty of them.


The bride and her parents are happy with them.
And that's all that matters.

Patrick Jr and Sr. Iced and sprinkled them...a lovely lavender.

I forgot to take my camera to the packaging party yesterday afternoon, but used someone's point and shoot to at least record the event.

I will take a picture of the cookie that will be placed at my place this evening.

While we were packaging cookies and sharing a salad lunch, the guys were golfing in a 'scramble'.

Our guys came in second place.


We were all invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Back in the day, only the bridal party went to the rehearsal dinner.
It was a large party with fabulous food in a terrific location.


I was asked to take pictures.

I found a spot with spectacular light. I think I will set up my studio right there.
Do you think they will let me?


Here is beautiful Bridget. The bride to be.


Our youngest and oldest.

DSC_3006-2 copy

Ellie and Steven. They were married last summer.


Here is my sister in law, Susan and her sister, Karen.
Susan is on the right.

They are really wonderful women. And so pretty!!!


Here's Dan, the groom to be. He has a great smile!


This is the view from my studio.
(just kidding)


The guy carving the prime rib had a stunning backdrop!!!


It really is a pretty city.



We came home and looked for news on the internet.
No news at all.

Matthew does not feel comfortable calling the family. He feels they do not more. call.
I feel the same way. But is that wrong?

Would you call someone if you heard their son was missing and possibly drowned?

Or would you leave them alone? I honestly don't know what is the kindest thing to do.

I thank each of you for your prayers and good thoughts for this family.
Your comments yesterday were so appreciated.
You bless me every day.

We are in a strange place.
Celebrating with one family
and imagining how the other family is living the worst days of their lives.

"This moment contains all moments."
-- C.S. Lewis

Encourage one another....and love,


11:48: Update in the comments.

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