Saturday, June 06, 2009

A day in pictures.


Katie and I rode our bikes to the pink park.
The weather was perfection.
I carried my camera in a Lands End tote, yet feared I would drop it the whole way.

My bike glides.
Katie has to peddle like crazy to keep up.

It makes me feel bad for her.

She doesn't care too much.


But this bike. I have a story to tell you about this bike.

Last spring we bought this bike. I loved how it rode. It is the nicest bike I have ever ridden.

But the seat kept sliding down.

Cute little paddle tighteners adjusted the seat. So every time I would ride and would go over a bump the seat would slip down to the bottom.

I was convinced I had exceeded the weight limit for this particular bike. They did not make it for people as big as me.

So I didn't ride it very much. Not much at all.


And then my kind husband said, let's take it in to the bike shop and see if they can fix that seat.
And I said I was too embarrassed to go into the bike shop and show my face.
The fat one who was too fat to ride this sweet bike.

So he did just that. I sat in the car while he took the bike in and explained the problem of the slipping seat.

Patrick came out in five or ten minutes with the verdict. The fix-it guy at the bike shop said that while these are great bikes, they come with a lame seat adjuster. Lots of people have trouble with them. He said they would be glad to give us a better clamp.
And so he did.

Since then I have been riding and gliding all over town with nary a slip.

I feel so much better about my bike now.


Now. Back to the park.


We call it the pink park because all of the climbing tunnel-y parts of the play ground have faded to pink.
The slide is still bright red. Look how it casts a red cast on the whole picture.


Then I took 25 more pictures of her.
Commented 25 times about how greasy her hair was.
And rode home.

After lunch and a shower for Miss Katie, we got an email from a friend saying the pool was open early.

So the girls and I dashed off to the swimming pool for some free summer fun.

It was great!

I didn't bring my camera to the pool. I was feeling off. It is hard to shoot in the noon day sun and get the nice light that I love.

When we came home at four I realized I needed to upload a session onto my website.
So I worked furiously at that for almost two hours.

In the mean time Patrick came home from work. He came home in the front door carrying a package.

He said, "What did you get yourself?"

"What do you mean?" I said, concentrating on uploading pictures.

"This box. From B & H. What's this?"

"I didn't order anything." I said, glancing over at the box.

Did I mention I was fanatically uploading pictures? Seriously I thought it was a promo gift from B & H.

Like. Thank you for buying the camera from us. Here is a lens strap. Or something like that.

But the next thing I know, Patrick is opening the box and exclaims, "It's a lens!"

I jump up from my seat and take one look at the box.

It's a 85mm 1.8 lens.

And I knew instantly. Patrick bought me a new lens. For no reason at all.
He says, I need it for my business!

I can not believe his generosity!
He just loves to buy me things. Nice, lovely, expensive things.

And I am so tight I squeak. I stay on budget and never veer off.

Not Patrick. He just loves to surprise me.

Lucky, lucky, lucky, blessed me :o)

So I took a few pictures.



Finished up my upload job.

And took some more pictures.


Katie danced.


And as the sun lowered I saw the light I had been waiting for all day.
And I asked Katie for just a few more shots.

This time I got a nice sharp shot.
And I was happy to stop experimenting for the day.

It's hard being my child. I tell ya. I am like a dog with a bone when it comes to getting the shot.

A dog with a yummy, delicious bone.


Encourage one another,

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