Thursday, June 11, 2009

FAQ's from the Comments

I frequently answer questions right in the comments, but this morning as I have nothing on my mind,
I'll answer them in a post.

Do we have any sunshine here?

Yesterday the weatherman called for rain. The sun shone all day and it was glorious.
Katie swam, Emma rollerbladed and I biked. We were happy.

Does psyllium smell strong?

No. Not at all. I bought some at Whole Foods and it is berry flavored. I
I don't like it. But it does not smell icky.

Yvonne, Flaxseed seems odd to drink. Is it odd to drink?

Would you share how you are focusing with your new camera?

Apryl, I move my focus points. The D700 has a ton of them. I use this method because my subjects move a ton! I have tried the focus/recompose method with this new camera and the feature works. But I will save that for still objects like flowers.


Does the Fat Flush make you feel light-headed?

Karen Bee, I felt really crummy the first three days because of lack of Diet Dr. Pepper. Really crummy.
But that passed and I am not even craving pop. I have felt tired. I have felt depressed. I have felt hungry once or twice. I have felt the urge to eat more.
But not light headed.

Besides the odd cranwater and flax oil aspects of this diet, I have been eating protein and fruit and vegetables. I am in no way starving.

Do you like your 85mm?

Yes. I do. I love the bokeh. I am not adjusted to shooting at that distance but I know that will come in time.


Will your children be home this summer?

YES! Everyone will be home on a few weeks for a family wedding! I can not wait!!!
I will be sure to take lots and lots and lots of pictures. This is my only chance to get that Christmas card shot this year!!!


Well, I'm off to an early session this morning.

I have butterflies....

I think I see some sunshine peeking thru the grey clouds.

Bye for now!

Encourage one another,

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