Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy little housekeeper

You will not find a lot of housekeeping tips here at Quiet Life.

It's not that I don't love a clean house and delicious food. I do.

But my heart has always been more inclined to arts and crafts.

So, it's not really a big surprise that my one itsy, bitsy, teeny weenie housekeeping tip will have something to do with color and making your life easier.

Here's what I discovered.

This is my utility drawer. It holds most of the tools I need for cooking and baking.


Now here is my secret.

Tools of a different color are easier to find in a jumbled drawer.


This pink ice cream scoop was a gift from Katie and Patrick. I use it to make their chocolate shakes.


I have had this as long as I have had my own place. Nancy probably gave it to me.
I am surprised when people don't have one of these in their drawers.
It's a good tool.


Or this bright red wonder. Everyone needs a Swing-a-way.
It works so easily and it is less expensive and less noisy than an electric opener.

It's good exercise and kids love to use it.


This lovely, I purchased at a garage sale. I liked the turquoise and I needed a masher.


Here is my happy blue smiling spoon.

Who would not love this spoon?

Easy to find in the drawer and happy.


I drool over the pretty colored scrapers at Williams Sonoma.
I think this one needs some company....some colorful company.


This cutie sits in the very back of the drawer, because I never use it. I don't even know what it is for.

Some tropical drink, I suppose. But when I saw it at a garage sale, I thought, it was special.

I'm taking it to Road Show when they come to Madison in July.


It reminded me of Hawaii and any utensil that reminds me of Hawaii is a good thing.

Everything else is silver or black or white in the utility drawer.

My colorful tools shave seconds off of my cooking and baking.

Seconds, I tell ya!!!

Encourage one another,

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