Monday, June 08, 2009

Morning everyone.

I slept super late today. It's dark out and my alarm clock is silent until late August. So...why not?

As soon as I get up I head to the bathroom and weigh myself.

Today marks the end of week one. So official weigh in is due.

And the grand total is.....

11 pounds.


One more week on phase 1 and then one to phase 2.

Even tho this week has felt like a year... losing eleven pounds is a great reward and motivator.

It's hard. But you know what we say about hard. ;o)

If you are interested in The Fat Flush you can find it at your library or at any book store. (I borrowed mine.)


I have three people on my heart today. Three people who need prayer.

If you are a praying person, will you lift up:

Di's mom;
She is in the hospital and needs our prayers

Rachel Devine's little baby Clover;
She is in the hospital far away in Australia and needs to be able to keep her bottle down.
While it is far away for us. Prayer travels swiftly.

Young friend;
Recently diagnosed cancer.
Please pray for this young couple.

Do you remember the beginning of It's a Wonderful Life?
That's how I imagine our prayers going to God.

Thank you for lifting them all up.



Katie wore out her baby blue Converse over the school a new pair was in order.

Emma said, "I want some too." So she got a black pair. They are cute.

When I was a Cheerleader at Wheaton Central High School. We got black Converse to wear with our uniforms. It was a big switch from saddle shoes and white keds. We thought we were very cool. And I think we were.


I have a new photography goal. I want to get more hands and feet in my pictures.

Wish me luck.



Reason 4 why I love my D700.
This picture was taken at 8:30 at night.

50mm 1.4
ISO 1000

I think I hear angels singing....


Reason 1,000,004 why I love Katie.
She writes encouraging, welcoming, loving notes on the drive-way in chalk.

Here she is writing a note for her brother who will be home in about two weeks.


How darn cute is that?

Encourage one another,

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