Monday, May 02, 2005

All's Quiet on the Midwestern Front

The boys are back in Omaha. (I think. No phone call. Hope they are not dead in a ditch. I'm not worrying.)
They were funny and enjoyed their visit to Madison.

Emma is home from tour. She had a wonderful time. They performed eight times, lodged on a farm (Emma's small group slept in the machine shed with their fun mom-chaperone), and goofed around with the other all of their friends.

Katie scoured the neighborhood for anyone to play with.

I knit so much yesterday that I think I sprained a little tiny muscle in my hand.

I guess I better do some stretching before I start in on the marathon knitting.

I did figure something out, all on my lonesome...
When you are using markers with your knitting, use a green one for the place you will start your counting. It is very easy to remember that green means go :o)

It works for me!

On last thing.
Is anyone else watching Grey's Anatomy?
Probably not.
But boy is it good.

Off to a fresh new week....

Encourage one another,

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