Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I always thought the 1950's would suit me.
Until I saw this;
Hair and Makeup for your face shape

Yeah. I'm Miss Neglect.

I knit this bag while Katie slept last night.

Hey, look!
It's just my size.

Actually it is too small. Can you see that it is not felted yet. Once it is felted I don't think her little hand would fit inside.

Knitting without a pattern is tricky.

I'm a granny.

Katie is as funny as she is cute!
She was walking hunched over and was talking with her lips curled over her teeth. (like she was toothless)
She is one partying granny.

*Matthew is safely home.
*Emma passed her road test yesterday.
*Must go grocery shopping...again!

Encourage one another,

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