Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well....we were tiptoeing on the edge yesterday.

I can be naive. I didn't realize that some of the comments could be hurtful cause I saw it as a funny meme.

I sure hope feelings are not hurt by our 'mostly' minor differences.

I try very hard not to offend. And I try not to be offended by things I encounter on the internet.

So I think I will stay away from the edge from now on :o)

But, hey, wasn't that Dave Barry article a hoot???


Okay...I wrote the above last night...and then we slept till 8:05 this morning!!!
I was worn out from watching the Amazing Race. I think I was forgetting to breathe.

Uchenna and Joyce were worthy winners.
Rob and Amber made the race fun. My husband and I really like their personalities and the way they treat one another.
Ron and Kelly. Big Bummer.

If Rob and Amber did not make it into the final two (which was what we thought was going to happen cause of the police check) I don't know if we would have finished watching the show!!!

*******Just watched the $million dollar$ check ceremony on CBS.

Uchenna and Joyce-working on a baby.
Rob and Amber-married...Tuesday May 24th CBS
Ron and Kelly-just friends

The Amazing Race is the most exciting show on television!

I know those of you who don't like reality can't imagine this...
But that's okay with me....
I'm not easily offended :o)

Socks are not offensive!

Made with Hello Yarn hand dyed Merino. Soft, dreamy yarn.
Hellen's Favorite Sock pattern.

I just finished the toe this morning on the second pair!
I wish you could feel them.

I know two of you have told me you would be learning to knit this Spring.
How is it going?

Time to get to work.
Encourage one another,

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