Monday, May 16, 2005

Moving the behemoth

I moved the couch three feet to the left yesterday afternoon.

I earned $1.21, found at least fourteen pens and pencils, cleaned and vacuumed.

Can you believe this is the decluttered look?

Too much stuff
Too much stuff
More than enough
More than enough

(sing to three blind mice)

Other than being a moving girl, we went to a graduation lunch for our niece.
Ellie is interested in theater. She has a summer stock job lined up in Montana and has a job working in a children's theater all set for the Fall. She is doing what she loves...we wish her well...Break a leg Ellie!

Emma took an application into Old Navy on the way home from the luncheon.
As she handed her application to the manager, the manager asked her, "Why do you want to work here?" Thinking quickly Emma said, "I like the atmosphere, your clothes and of all the clothing stores this is my first choice" (Something like that)
We thought she was brave and answered well. I'm glad she didn't grunt, "I need the money."

Other than that, I knitted :o)

Aren't those colors glorious?

And aren't you glad Tom is the winner of Survivor!?
He deserved to win! Good for him!

We have lots of exciting things coming up this week.

How about you?

Encourage one another,

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