Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Old School House magazine has begun hosting homeschool blogs.
They sent me an email and I signed right up :o)
It is a free blog and it is very easy to navigate and post and has been hitch-free so far.
But because no one knows I'm even posting over there...

I am all alone!

No comments yet :o)

Here is the link to my new blog. Quiet Life @ Homeschoolblogger

We are allowed to bring posts over from our current blogs. Which I think I will do if the post is about education. I may even repeat some of the past posts in which I wrote about curriculum and homeschooling.

If you have always wanted to start writing a homeschool blog this might be a nice time to go over the and check it out.


***Hey! I have a comment. Michele from New Zealand has started blogging again!
Staci and Lynne are also homechoolbloggers too :o) You might recognize their names from the comments box.


So here I sit on Saturday morning wondering how the big Prom went last night.

Emma went with three of her friends to the Homeschool Formal. (They all call it the Prom.) She went to Katherine and Emily's house to get we didn't even get to see how she looked. Then she stayed overnight with her girlfriends.

I don't like being out of the loop like this.

Next year they are getting ready here!


Last night I handed Emma the camera and told her to notice everything so she could tell me all about it.

The letting go comes in little steps, doesn't it?
Sometimes it is just more noticeable and painful than other times.

Encourage one another,

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