Sunday, May 29, 2005

Okay. So I'm late to the party.

I read the introduction to Bird by Bird last night and I have to agree with all the buzz. I love this woman's style of writing. It is so natural...she writes like a friend. A friend you really want to spend time with. She's funny and genuine and has been around the block.

"I was very shy and strange-looking, loved reading above everything else, weighed about forty pounds at the time, and was so tense that I walked around with my shoulders up to my ears, like Richard Nixon...I was very clearly the one who was going to grow up to be a serial killer, or keep dozens of cats. Instead, I got funny. I got funny because boys, older boys I didn't even know, would ride by on their bicycles and taunt me about my weird looks. Each time felt like a drive-by shooting. I think this is why I walked like Nixon: I think I was trying to plug my ears with my shoulders, but they wouldn't quite reach."

It has been a while since I have opened a book and been drawn in.
I know I will go on to read many more of Anne Lamott's books.

Do you have any Anne Lamott favorites?


A Sunday Poem

Calmly we look behind us,
on joys and sorrows past,
We know that all is mercy now,
and shall be well at last;
Calmly we look before us-
we fear no future ill,
Enough for safety and for peace,
if Thou art with us still.

-Jane Borthwick

Encourage one another,

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