Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Can we talk?

I am feeling a little awkward about posting pictures of my handknit items here on the Quiet Life blog now that I am selling them over at Sweet Pea Knits.
The reason I am feeling awkward is that I would never
want anyone to feel an obligation to purchase something I am selling.
I am not a sales girl at heart.

So I will continue to show you my things....but you can check over at Sweet Pea to see if what I am making is for sale of not.

I am naming the bags...
The pink one is Cherry Blossom.
And the blue one is Bluebell.

I can't decide which bag I like better. I like the pink and the girls like the blue.

...and I don't have a dog to name so I will start to name my knitting projects.
Now is that a sign of the crazies?

Speaking of color, Patrick and I saw a very interesting story on the CBS Sunday Morning show this weekend. The story was about a company that 'decides' what colors will be in fashion in the future. They have also categorized paint colors to make production uniform and easier. For instance they created and cataloged the colors; UPS Brown, Coke Red, Barnes and Noble Green and Gap Blue.
Here is the link to the story.

Who knew color was a giant business. Check out Pantone's cool website.


Mini-follow up to the Wellness Seminar-

We are having smoothies today.

I used Olive Oil on my face and arms as a moisturizer yesterday. (I did not break out and I did not smell like a Greek Salad)

I will try one of Tess' recipes soon.

(Sparrow, I will post a few of those recipe's for you, soon. I thought you would like this tip about rotating your main course, Tess rotates between, brown rice, potato, pasta, bread and grains instead of beef, chicken, pork...)

Make changes one meal at a time....one whole day at a time...

Approaching it that way suits me very well.

Off to blend those smoothies. I wonder if Katie will drink it????

Encourage one another,

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