Thursday, May 12, 2005

Good Old Fashioned Fun

Have you ever entered anything into a County Fair or a State Fair?

I have not!

Kay and Ann over at Mason-Dixon knitting are leading their readers down the road to the Fair Grounds. Ann is from Tennessee and found a Creative Arts Needlecraft competition at her State Fair.
This could be fun!

From what I can see, Wisconsin only has competitions for Juniors (the kids from 4-H)

However, I did find a beer brewing competition for adults. (Hey Martha...Kurt might enjoy that one)

My goodness you should see all of the categories :o)

So I will snoop around a little more today but I'm afraid Wisconsin dropped the adult Creative Arts competitions years ago.

If you know anything about this fellow Wisconsinites, let me know.

So tell us...

Have you won a prize for your baking, sewing, photography, etc.?

I'll just bet we have a few winners among us!

Encourage one another,

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