Thursday, May 05, 2005

Well...that happened sooner than I expected

Katie had her first proposal of marriage yesterday afternoon.

She said he asked nicely...but she doesn't want to marry him.
She said 'No thank you'....and ran home.


She does not want to talk about it.


Are you known for a certain color? color combination?

I am not really...but my sister, Janice, is Miss Pink and Green. Every time I see this yarn at Knit Happens ( Go look! )

I think of her :o)

And I think 'what can I make with that glorious yarn?

I visit it daily and imagine.

You know what I really like. Florals.

I have pictures of flowers, flowers on a pillow on the bed, flowers on the living room couch and my favorite perfume is Quelques Fleurs.

I do not have a blouse with flowers on it...I think I need one :o)

What a delicious time of year to love flowers!

Earth laughs in flowers.

What colors say YOU?


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