Thursday, May 26, 2005


A funny thing happened on our trip to Marinette.

We arrived just in time for the graduation party. Nathan and Andrew have been homeschooled all along. They are smart, kind, good boys. (And they would probably love that description) Their mother is a very good friend of mine. Besides loving to laugh at all of my jokes, she makes me laugh too and is smart, kind and good. :o)

I was happy to see old friends at the party and meet Cindy's parents from Missouri.

On the way up north I told Katie she would have a blast.

"A blast. What's 'have a blast'?"

I told her there would be many children to play with and that it was going to be a lot of fun.

There were. She did.

Of course we stayed well past the end of the party. But, hey, I was still it was still party-time.

Emma stayed to play volleyball for an hour longer and Katie and I drove over to see if Karen was home.
Since there were no cars in Karen's driveway, we headed for Mickey Lu's.

Karen and her husband, Chuck, are owners of this fantastic hamburger stand!
Everyone I have ever brought to Mickey Lu's can't wait to go back :o)

Karen wasn't there but another friend saw us on the way and followed us over to visit for a few minutes. Liz is a sister-of-my-heart. We were young mother's together and were very close.
Circumstances kept us apart for many years.
But now when we see one's like riding a bike.

So here is the funny part of this rambling account.

Liz and I are having a burger with the Works and Katie is dying to play a song on the jukebox. I dig for a quarter.

Katie-I'm going to play 1D.

I don't get up to help her. I'm hoping she can do it herself so Liz and I can continue talking uninterrupted.

Katie- I did it!

The machine picks up the 45 and lays it on the turntable.

The music quietly starts playing Katie's song.

It's The Stripper Song! Wa Wa, Wa Wa....

(The instrumental song from the 50's)

The song our mother loved to play!

Chuck looks at us from behind the counter and says, "Is that song still on there? I didn't know that was still on the juke box!"

Oh we laughed so hard!

Talk about serendipity!

I drove Liz home and went on to visit with Karen and her children for a little while.

Karen is another soul sister.
Karen and I used to walk every morning at 6:15am. We walked until 7:00am and continued to talk on and on. Every day we talked and walked...and never ran out of things to talk about! Isn't that remarkable?

So I was late picking Emma up....


But if I had been on time I wouldn't have the jukebox story to tell.

So it is well worth it to me.

And on the way home Katie happily told Emma,

"I had a blast!"

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