Friday, May 06, 2005

If you had an iPod: Friday Five...

Matthew bought an iPod with a portion his tax refund.
He is spending a lot of time filling it up with his favorite songs.
He was downloading songs off of Emma's cd's when he was home and then bought a song or two on itunes.

There is a whole disco section :o)

Not for Matthew...for me.

So if you had an iPod, what would be the first five songs you would load?

1. Until you come back to me(I'm gonna knock on your door) by Aretha Franklin
2. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabrielle
3. I melt with you by Modern English
4. Spring Wind by Greg Brown
5. Follow You by Genesis


We had such a nice afternoon yesterday!!!

The Amazing Knitter Lynn was hosting a kick ball game with her homeschooling group.
She invited Katie and I to come along.
There were many children, a fun game of kick ball, lots of nice mom's with very familiar faces and a playground.

It was a sunny 70 degrees with a slight breeze.


From what I could see...the children played well together and the mom's had a lot to talk about. Katie loved it!
Although she has already noticed that I do not pay the best attention when my children play sports...

"Mommy you weren't watching."

"She doesn't watch very well Katie. She even misses my goals." informs Emma.

Bad mommy :o)

I also was able to purchase some organic eggs from one of the mom's at the field. Her son is raising and selling eggs as a little business...
Cool, huh?

The Choir (the one that Emma is in) has their big Spring concert tonight.
I can't wait to see it.
The Christmas concert was pretty classical, this one is more of a Swing concert.

Oh yikes...I need to bring three dozen cookies....

Better take some butter out of the fridge....

Encourage one another,

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