Monday, May 09, 2005


Carmon is hosting a cookie exchange today. If you haven't visited Buried Treasure yet, today is a good day to start. I'll bet Carmon gets at least 20 tried and true cookie recipes.

If you haven't visited my recipe page or didn't know about it, you can find it at the sidebar or click here. It's called Recipes I have Know and Loved.

I was very happy to hear that two friends from church are visiting and using some of the recipes I have shared. My friend Jeaneen is eating very low fat these days and loves my recipe for Crock Pot Chicken Soup. She doubles it so she has enough for her family and a few more servings for herself. Her younger sister found my Carrot Cake recipe and even made it for her father's birthday celebration.

This gives me such a thrill!

I am one of those ladies who is heart-sick when a meal fails...when no one likes what I have prepared. I take it personally.

My husband and I have very different pallets and appetites.
Our children follow suit.
They are somewhere between my husband and I.

Did you know that my husband ate sloppy joes for lunch every day for fifteen years.

The rest of us get bored with the same thing for lunch.

Patrick likes routine. And really doesn't care about food.
I love variety. And I love food.

Guess which one of us is thin?

So go and collect some new recipes from Carmon's cookie exchange.
Maybe you will find a new family favorite!

Encourage one another,

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