Friday, August 08, 2008


This post is brought to you by the number 8.


My Katie is Eight.

This clip of the winners of So You Think You Can Dance is not 8 minutes long.
And Jenni, Mary screams her wild if you are missing it....

When I was 8, I was catching caterpillars and chasing the bug-spray truck.

From what I read, that stuff was DDT! Why we are not all dying of cancer...I do not k now.

I just drove Emma to work, the clock said: 8:08

My very favorite School House Rock.

Two great athlete's that wore an eight.

And well...Yogi's is a retired NY jersey....that's pretty special.

I was very tempted to put up two 4 jerseys, but I took dear Steph's tender condition into consideration.....

And the Octave.


Fill in the blanks:

When I was eight I was____________.

Our solar system has___________planets.

In 1988 I was_____________.

I can _____________in eight minutes.

Driving to ____________takes 8 hours.

Happy week-ending friends.
We are going to Iowa City to meet up with Matthew and Melinda tomorrow.
It will be great to see them!

I'll try to post something in the morning, but if I run out of time, follow our day on Twitter.
(Over on the right sidebar....under the words Twitter Talk.)

Encourage one another,

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