Monday, August 11, 2008

Iowa Watercolor.
I've been painting again, with photoshop.
This is regular ole' watercolor.

If you missed the tutorial over at Ree's it is super simple.


ta da.


Update on the Nikkor 50mm 1.4

That's better.

On Saturday, many of you commented about how much you loved this lens.
I was freaking out about it because I couldn't seem to get it to focus properly.
And I knew it wasn't me. I know how to get my auto focus camera to focus. No problem.
But things were wonky and blurry with my new tool and I was fretting.

Yesterday morning, Lisa @ quasimon wrote to ask about the lens and to say that she LOVED hers. I immediately wrote her with a plea....
" I think I have a lemon....what am I doing wrong??"

She kindly wrote back right away to say,

"Are you standing too close?"

and some other stuff....

So I grabbed Miss Katie and said we had urgent business outside on the front lawn.

She followed with her chocolate pudding and spoon.

She sat quite still, I held my breath and made sure I was four feet away.

I took ten pictures.

Came in the house to look at them.


I was happy. I was delighted. The focus was just right. The contrast was nice. The color a little warmer than my other
50mm. I love the sparkly eyes and of course the bokeh. (Blurry background)

It was working. It was not a lemon. I am so happy I do not need to return it to the store. phew.

Cause I HATE to return things. It's a phobia I have.

*Yes. We had pedicures and Katie had a mani-pedi. Her fingernails were looking pretty rough.
Aren't they nice?


Lynn and I had a nice visit at the knitting store.

Catching up on Lynn's busy month was fun, rolling this skein of Linen/Flax into a ball....was not fun.

It was a workout, I tell ya.


Proof that we did not just gab this time.

Knitting happened.


Our nights have turned cool here in Wisconsin. That is the very start to fall's arrival.

Which has us all thinking about school.

When does school start for you?

Encourage one another,

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