Friday, August 15, 2008


Making up my own questions once again....

heavy sigh....

Will you send some questions in for next week? I need help.

How about we do a fill in the blank thingy again....

This is what popped into my head, just now.

I need____________.

I hope____________.

I feel______________.

I can't_____________.

I can_______________.

Sneak Peek for Heather.


Oh baby! I love how Heather looks holding her little guy.

She was giving him a little kiss and I venture a little sniff too.

Is there anything better than kissing and sniffing a baby?


Well, for a six year old, chasing bubbles is probably more fun :o)


So...I am working on packaging....and I'm gonna show you my idea...but I goofed up a little,
so promise not to laugh.


This is my color scheme. Today.

I picked out the Merci stamp because I thought it went with Booshay.
And then I chose the adorable scalloped labels cause they are adorable and scalloped.

But, my execution was a teeny bit off.....


My scallop label is way too big. Oops!

They make a smaller one and I will order some of those soon.

Golly. Do you find that most things don't go right the first time you try them???

Seems to be my pattern.

In the land of Highlights....would you be Gufus or Gallant???

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

Our business in life is not to succeed, but to continue to fail in good spirits.
~Robert Louis Stevenson


Encourage one another,

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