Monday, August 25, 2008

A family recipe for you.

My sister Sue sent me this recipe in 2004. It is delicious and perfect and I think I will go and have some for breakfast....

Grandma's German Potato Salad.

Boil a lot of potatoes with skin on.
You skin them after they are cooked and cooled down a little.
Cook until fork tender. (Not mushy)

Hard boil 4 eggs or so.
Fry a pound of bacon. Remove bacon.

Save the grease in the pan.

Slice a large onion, fry gently in bacon grease until they are clear.

Add at least one cup of vinegar into the bacon grease/onion mixture. (I usually add enough
so it's more vinegary than oily.) Simmer.

Add a teaspoon of sugar and some pepper to taste..

Cube potatoes in a large pot.
Add onion/vinegar mixture.
Add bacon pieces. Stir.

Add eggs. Stir gently.

Add salt and pepper.

*I made this yesterday. I used three pounds of potatoes. I think 2 1/2 pounds of potatoes would have been perfect.
* I prefer smallish chunks of potatoes.

I can promise that this is better than any German Potato salad you have purchased in a deli.

Es schmeckt wunderbar!!!


Here is Mabel. She is feeling better now.


She is just gorgeous.


Here are Emma and Katie.

Emma is doing much better now, too.
She is busy and happy.

Today she has her first college class and soccer practice!!!

Katie and I will go to a special get together are her school tonight to welcome new families.

I have been putting her to bed a little early this weekend in preparation for her new schedule.

It hasn't worked. She has been awake at 10:00 all three nights I have tried.

Oh well, on Wednesday, I'm sure the excitement will outweigh any teeny bit of sleepiness!
I'm actually rather sure she will jump out of bed and be in one of her new outfits in mere seconds.


So. What will you watch now that the Yo-lympics are over???

Hey! Look what I just learned....

The line up for this fall's Dancing with the Stars.

Lance Bass
Toni Braxton
Brooke Burke
Rocco Dispirito
Maurice Greene
Kim Kardashian
Cody Linley
Cloris Leachman
Susan Lucci
Misty May-Treanor
Ted Mcginley
Jeffery Ross
Warren Sapp

Interesting and varied bunch....

What do you think of that!!??

Encourage one another,

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