Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Aw! Amy in Texas had to ask me if Katie was always a good model and I had to go
looking for old pictures of her...and well....

get ready for a little Katie Overload :o)


This is one of my very favorites. We are visiting Jean on her farm and Katie was in kitty heaven.


With her big cousin. Don't they look alike. I think they do.


Yeah. Even back in the point and shoot days, Katie seemed pretty comfy in front of the camera.


Make those little ones run around and spin and jump. They like that and if you take a bunch of photos maybe one will turn out okay.


Hi Lynn!

Guess where Emma is in the picture?


Even tho the light is harsh and the picture's focus is horrid....
how I love this little girlie with the pearls and life jacket.

See! It's really not all about the perfect everything.


Our twins. A treasure, a real treasure.
Doubly Blessed.


It's about the love.

Remember this from the sidebar?
I thought this was lost forever.

My first photo host deleted all of my pictures.
So if you go back in my archives you will see lots of x's.
But I found the pictures today and I am so thankful.



brewers 003
...misty water colored memories.....


...of the way, we were.......

Aw shucks.

My advice is to take your camera with you.
Take a lot of pictures.
Make it fun for the children.
Play peek a boo.
Sneak up on them.
If you have a camera with a shutter, ask them if they can see it click.
Bribe them.

Encourage one another,

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