Thursday, August 28, 2008

Six things that make you happy.

My blog-sistah over at Sing for Joy, awarded me an award with a directive attached. And that was to write down six things that make you happy.

I have not been doing many of the awards that have come my way lately because either, I have received them
before or they are too hard. I find it hard to single out people. I'm always afraid I will hurt some one's feelings.
So usually say thank you and leave it at that.

But Melene's questions were nice and friendly and I thought you all could answer them too.

Six things that make you happy.

1. Corporate Prayer. I love it. I feel so united with others and the Lord.
2. I am happy when a favorite song comes on the radio while we are in the car. It's like a present to me.
3. Thinly sliced onion rings and Diet Dr. Pepper make me happy.
4. Your comments make me happy. They really do.
5. When I take a picture that is just makes me happy.


6. Being with our children and being with my family makes me happy.

Feel free to share with us or on your own blog!


I also wanted to share a cute and helpful idea I spotted at a new friends blog.

Her name is Amy in Texas but every time I go to her blog I sing Living La Vita Loca.

She doesn't know this....but her blog is called Living Locurto.

See why I sing what I sing. I'm nutty that way, once something gets in my brain, it's there to say, if it is silly and not important, that is.

But her name is Amy and she is very creative and cool and a young mom.

Stop by and see the clothes tags she made. You can make them too!

Living Locurto


And speaking of creative and cool; The Image is Found website and their Twitters and Photographs make me happy.

Nate and Jaclyn, even tho they don't know me, make me so happy.
They are young punks with incredible skills, amazing faith, and two adorable children.

I have a bloggie crush on them. Is that weird? Well, you know what I mean? Cause, I reckon you guys have some bloggy crushes yourselves....

And why don't you tell me who they are....come on, I won't tell any one.

That could be a fun topic. Blog Crushes.

Bloggie or Bloggy?

Which would it be?

Wishing you a happy heart today :o)

(I love that little Veggie Tale lesson)

Encourage one another,

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