Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sneak Peek Time!

This is a senior.

Or as we say in the midwest. A graduate.

This young lady had the easiest and brightest smile. She was so easy to photograph.
What a joy!


I think I will be adding a little yellow to this, it's a little cool.

But, otherwise, M's expression is perfect.


Here is M's younger sister, G. Her browns eyes made me drool. Well...not really.

But I think she warmed up to me by the end of the session. Look at that relaxed glance. So lovely.


Sisters, Sisters....there were never such devoted sisters.....


Lori and Lynn. Sisters too :o)


Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.


Gorgeous. My favorite things. Smiling girl. Blowing hair. Green grass.

Seriously this girl needs to do some Colgate commercials. What a smile!


I totally love this picture of G. and Mable. G. looks perfectly happy and she loves her pup...and from what I hear....
Mable loves her right back :o)


I asked M. to make a serious face. It did not work at all. She looked very sad.
We laughed and she went back to smiling :o)


This is my favorite, too.

I am holding my camera above my head. The girls loved this technique.
Lots of times I am way off....but when it's's very good :o)

Lori, please know that these are not final edits....still a little work to be done.

But, WOW, your girls were such wonderful models, I have very little to do.

Thank you for coming to Wisconsin and for choosing me.

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